dimanche 26 mars 2017

From METAIDS to Group Katapausis: A dream that can't die off

In 2001, Josué Pierre-Paul created the “Mouvement d’Encadrement et d’Aide Sociale (METAIDS)” to offer a technical and strategic support to young adults. For more than 4 years, he enabled hundreds of people to accomplish great things in Carrefour-feuille, Martissant (Port-au-Prince) and Domond (Mirebalais).

Later, he figured out his organization’s name was a handicap to its development. He created the “Institut Privé de Gestion et d’Entrepreneuriat (IPGE)” at Rue Marcelin (Downtown Port-au-Prince). It was a success until the January 2010 earthquake came.

Pierre-Paul was called to work in Jacmel as the manager of a non-government organization. There, he created the Pierre-Paul Christian Initiative (PCI), setting a portion of his own salary apart to support some Christian children to go to school. That project grew up and offered training to young adults after the earthquake. With some international organizations’ support, the PCI made several important projects such as : educational (supporting children to go to school), business (Cool Net cybercafé), and so forth.

In 2014, Josué Pierre-Paul took stock of his experiences since 2001. So, he decided to create a system that can unite all his projects. In April 2015, he launched the Group Katapausis in Pétionville. The equipment left by the PCI has been transferred to the Group Katapausis. “The timely, they will be used”, Pierre-Paul confirmed.  

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