lundi 5 décembre 2016

Please donate so we can do more and better

The Group Katapausis is a non-profit organization. It works to help improve life in Haiti by offering opportunities to families and young adults. We support teenagers and young adults to go to school and develop their skills. 

We support young adults to learn a profession so that they can take themselves in charge by working. And we have elaborated several projects that aim to help them go on with their progress.

But do to so, your contribution is very important. The little you can send will help make a big difference in our children’s and young adults’ lives. You can send your donation through Western Union, Moneygram or CAM TRANSFERT. Please contact us so we can give you more details on the way you have to do so.

Reports will be sent to you on every activity we will organize and you will keep informed of all the decisions we will make for their advancement.

For contact and more information:
Phone number: (509) 33 90 9024 (available on Whatsapp)